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Buying and Selling shares through the Club

Buying and selling shares in the internal exchange

Every month you will receive free shares in a range of companies the Club has invested in. These are real shares in early stage, privately owned businesses. These shares cannot be traded on a public stock exchange but that's the point of "Angel Investing". You are getting in way before the public and big investors get a chance.

Over time you will build a portfolio of shares (around 10-12 different businesses will be added to your account each year) and being a member of the Club is a great way to build diversity into your savings and investments, completely hands free. The Club carefully selects and researches the businesses to make sure it only invests in businesses that it feels have a high chance of success.

One of the very clear benefits of the being a member of the Club is not only the ability to get investments in early stage businesses that wouldn't otherwise be accessible, but also to have the chance to trade those shares too. This ability to buy and sell shares in privately owned companies is unique to the Angel Business Club.

Here's a couple of short videos showing how to buy and sell shares in the internal exchange.

How to sell shares


How to buy shares