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5 Ways To Make Money

Five ways to make money with the Angel Business Club


Being a member of the Angel Business Club is fun, exciting and potentially very financially rewarding. Every month you receive FREE SHARES in carefully selected start up businesses that have the potential to become tomorrow's corporate superstars. Any one (or more) of these investments could end up making your fortune.

There are 5 ways you can make money with the Angel Business Club:

1) Takeover Offer

As a member of the Angle Business Club, you receive and own real shares in small privately owned businesses. If a company you own shares in gets taken over by a big competitor, you stand to receive a substantial profit. A takeover will normally result in a big cash payout for shareholders. Sometimes a takeover may take the form of a share swap where you end up with shares in the larger business. Your shares in the new company would then normally be available to be sold for cash. Either way, a takeover is usually great news and can give big profits for the angel investor.

2) Flotation (IPO's)

A successful small business may decide it wants to grow it's business even faster by raising money on a public stock market. This is called an "Initial Public Offering" (IPO). When a company issues new shares to the public via a stock market such as the London Stock Exchange or the American Nasdaq, the value of the company will very often increase in value as the shares are generally offered at an initial discount to attract new investors. A flotation can very often be a great opportunity to sell shares for a good profit.

‚Äč3) Dividend payouts

When a business grows and starts to make a profit, it can choose reinvest those profits into further developing sales and increasing the value of the company or it can choose to pay out some of those profits as cash dividends to it's shareholders. Most businesses the Angel Business Club invests in are not dividend paying companies as they are generally early stage businesses that are less likely to make profits until later. However, there are the exceptions. For example, Britannia's Gold is very much a dividend focused opportunity. Dividends are usually paid once or twice a year, depending on the company. These would be paid to direct to shareholders e-wallets (cash account) at the Angel Business Club.

4) Selling your shares privately

As a business makes more sales, the overall value of that business (and hence the value of the shares) will also grow. One of the features of the Angel Business Club is the ability for members to trade their shares with other members. If you feel  a company in which you own shares is unlikely to grow in value in the near term or if you simply want to cash in some of your shares, you can sell your shares in the internal exchange. There can be a whole host of reasons a member might want to buy or sell shares. The internal exchange allows members to buy and sell shares with other members, without paying any commission fees. The exchange is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Video: How to SELL shares


Video: How to BUY shares


5) Affiliate program

The Angel Business Club has a very rewarding affiliate program. It's free to join and the Club reward you wish instant cash bonuses for introducing other active members to the Club. Check out the affiliate page for more details.

Join the Club today and start growing your savings and investments.