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Affiliates: Earn instant, lifetime repeating income

Members of the Angel Business Club can become affiliates of the Club and earn up to €105 per member. This is a repeating monthly payment, paid every time a member pays their subscription.

Residual income is a very powerful way to earn a long term income and cancellation rates are extremely low so you can look forward to regular income potentially for many years to come, long after you stop inviting new members to join the Club.

Affiliate bonuses are paid instantly, in cash. You can withdraw your earnings direct to your bank account every week. There's no upper limit on your earnings and the more members you introduce, the greater your earnings.


"TheAngelInvestor" website as an automated self replicating website that will track your referrals using your membership ID. There is no charge to use TheAngelInvestor website. It's here for you to use immediately for making referrals. This website is good for "cold" advertising as well as for using with warm contacts (people you know)

Replacing 31462 with your OWN Angel Business Club ID.

This 2nd website is designed as a tool to show the Club to people you know or are reasonably close to (e.g. people you can chat with on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype etc). This method is a 100% rejection free method of sharing the Club as the first URL below simply finds out who is interested and who isn't.

Follow up with your prospect and if they are interested to know more, send them to (replacing '31462' with your own ID number) and it will give them all the information they need.

When someone joins the Club, make sure they also opt in to the mailing list at (again replacing '31462' with your OWN id number) as this will keep them up to date with news, tips and ideas.