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A Brilliant Opportunity – Titan Share Offer

Get shares as a massive discount before flotation, and make your money work for you.

Here's a brilliant opportunity to put your money to work. Watch the short (7 minute) video below first for an overview and then check out the other videos on this page for more specific details. When the shares are gone, there won't be any more available. The offer will close soon.

Update 5th September: Since this video was recorded in mid-August is has been confirmed that the flotation is most likely to happen by the end of September. At this stage there are still Titan shares being allocated to premium members of the Angel Business Club so now is the perfect time to upgrade your membership to get as many Titan shares as possible.

Upgrade your FREE Angel Business Club account for free shares in Titan Group. It costs as little as 3 Euros a day (about £2.70, $3.20 USD) to be a premium member of the Angel Business Club and 75% of your subscription will be converted into Titan Group shares.

Ongoing, as a premium member you'll receive FREE shares every week in great start up businesses just like Titan. You are always in control of your subscription.

Plus every month you'll receive Gold Dividend Fund Units, entitling you to a share of potentially massive cash dividends from the greatest gold salvage operation in history.

What is the true value of Titan Group?

A quick overview of the Angel Business Club

How to sell your Titan group shares

Who are Titan group and what do they do?

Visit the Titan group website - click here

How to get your free shares in Titan Group...


Step 1: LOGIN to your Angel Business Club account, click on your name and then select "membership".

Step 2: Choose a subscription level according to your goals and then click the "subscribe" button.

Step 3: Choose your payment method (credit/debit card is best)

Step 4: Go to "payment history" in the menu options under your name

Step 5: Click on "pre-activate" account. This will ensure your new membership plan starts immediately and any remaining money from your previous subscription will be returned to you in your Cash Account.


Note: You are always in control and can pause, cancel or change your subscription level any time you wish.


Every month, all premium (paying) members of the Angel Business Club receive Gold Dividend Fund Units. These units entitle you to a share of potentially massive cash dividend payouts from the greatest Gold salvage operation in history. The Angel Business Club is a major investor in Britannia's Gold (see the videos below for more details) and the Club is committed to sharing it's gold CASH bonuses with all active Club members. The higher your subscription, the more Gold dividend units you'll receive and hence the bigger your share of the payouts.

Overview of the greatest gold salvage in history

Proof this is the real deal

If you are a new member of the Club, here's some useful tutorial and training videos -

If you have any questions, I'm here to help. Contact me using any of the following:

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Landline: +441423740990

Telegram: 'paulhardingham'

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