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Buying and Selling shares through the Club

Buying and selling shares in the internal exchange

Every week you will receive free shares in a range of companies the Club has invested in. These are real shares in real businesses and you are a legal owner of these assets. Over time you will automatically build a portfolio of shares (around 10-12 different businesses each year).

Being a member of the Club is a great way to build diversity in your investments and savings without needing to take any active decisions yourself. The Club is very careful about which businesses it invests in.

However, if you wish to take a more active role in your investments, you can buy or sell more shares in the internal stock exchange. Here's a couple of short videos showing how to buy and sell shares in the exchange.

How to sell shares

How to buy shares

Buying shares in the auctions

It's also possible to buy shares via the auction pages (new auctions are added every week and bidding normally starts on a Tuesday evening). If a member wishes to completely leave the Club, they can either sell their shares individually in the internal exchange or ask the Club to sell their entire portfolio of shares via the auctions.

How to buy shares in auctions