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Affiliates: Earn instant, repeating income

Members of the Angel Business Club can become affiliates of the Club and earn up to €105 per member. This is a repeating monthly payment, paid every time a member pays their subscription.

Residual income is a very powerful way to earn a long term income. Here's a quick example, if you refer a member at the Executive Business Level Membership, and they remain a member for 60 months, you will earn a total €6,300 for that one referral. Not bad for an hours work?! Cancellation rates are extremely low so you can look forward to regular income for many years to come, long after you stop promoting.

Affiliate bonuses are paid instantly, in cash. You can withdraw your earnings direct to your bank account every week. There's no upper limit on your earnings and the more members you introduce, the greater your earnings.

Multi-tier commissions

The affiliate program rewards affiliate through multiple-tiers of association. In other words, affiliates earn on their own sales, but also on the sales through other affiliates introduced by them and their affiliates etc through 5 levels of association.

This means it's in everyone's interest to introduce other affiliates who make sales.


"TheAngelInvestor" website as an automated self replicating website that will track your referrals using your membership ID. There is no charge to use TheAngelInvestor website. It's here for you to use immediately for making referrals.

Replacing 31462 with your OWN Angel Business Club ID.

If you have people you personally know and want to introduce them to the Club then send them this URL where they can watch a short video that introduces the Club.

Follow up with your prospect and if they are interested to know more, send them to (see link above) where they will get all the information and instructions on how to get their account set up. Remember, you receive INSTANT CASH for your referrals, so get started today!